“I will not change the constitution to seek a third term,” – Mnangagwa

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa says he will not tamper with the constitution to have extra terms like his predecessor did. Even if citizens asked him to stay and power by changing the constitution, he said he will not yield.

“Constitutionalism is important we must give the chance for other people to rule,” Mr Mnangagwa told CNN’s anchor Amanpour.

President Mnangagwa was speaking on Christina Amanpour’s show, Friday night on CNN.

The 76-year-old who came to power last November, said he regretted the things his predecessor did and promised Zimbabwe was a new one, with a new regime and a new system. A nation that is now open to business for all countries.

In March 2013, Zimbabweans went to polling stations to approve a new constitution – which they did, by a 95% margin. The most exciting clause of the constitution was the introduction of term limits. Each president is allowed a maximum of two five-year terms. But this had to be applied only after former president Robert Mugabe who had been in power for long handed over the baton to the next leader of the country.

Approximately three-quarters of the citizens in 34 of Africa’s 54 countries support term limits, according to surveys carried out by Afrobarometer, which conducts surveys in African countries where security conditions permit and citizens are largely able to speak freely – Washington Post.


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