Israel asks African migrants to leave, but not certain where they will go to

Israel has begun its plan to force over 30,000 African migrants out of the country by April, threatening to arrest those who stay. “This plan will get under way today,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting in a video posted by the Guardian TV, on YouTube.

Under the programme, some 38,000 migrants who entered Israel illegally, mainly Eritreans and Sudanese, will have until the end of March to leave. Each will receive a plane ticket and $3,500 to do so. After the deadline, this amount will decrease and those who continue to refuse to go will face arrest. Israel has not clearly said where the migrants will go, but tacitly recognizes it is too dangerous to return the Sudanese and Eritreans home.

But the question is what will happen to these migrants once they get out of Israel, back to Africa? Is the situation that caused them to leave their homes already resolved? Can they restart their lives back at home? Which African countries will they go to?

Here is one thing; Africans are not the only refugees in Israel in the first place. So many have been questioning why Israel wants Africans out, while European countries are giving them a home.  The issue of ‘Africans not wanted in Israel’ did not begin today, it dates as far as 5 years back when Israelites took to the streets saying they want no more of Africans in Israel, to some Africans were taking over their jobs, and some Africans response to this is; this came up probably because Africans are smatter.

After that it became very difficult for Africans to seek asylum in Israel giving a rise to the number of illegal migrants in the country. The number has risen to about 40,000 and now Israel says they do not want them anymore, pushing them to Rwanda and Uganda.

Uganda on its part has denied it had agreed to receive thousands of African migrants as part of a deal with Israel. However according to activists in Israel, it has signed deals with Rwanda and Uganda, which agree to accept departing migrants on condition they consent to the arrangement. Uganda, however, said it had made no such deal; making the whole situation skeptical.

As for Rwanda, its Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo had mentioned in 2017 that Rwanda is ready to accept around 10,000 asylum seekers, or “a bit more,” who are currently living in Israel.

Another question is where will the over 20,000 African migrants go to?

The United Nations is ‘seriously concerned’ by the Israeli plan to deport African migrants, as its Refugee Agency mentioned that ‘Israel has legal obligations to protect refugees,’ according to international law.

This whole migration story could go on and on for years, but so many Africans have said they are not satisfied with International governing bodies, not to talk about their governments which are the very cause of thousands of people that are fleeing the African continent. From the 400,000 to 1, 000,000 African migrants in Libya and the 40,000 in Israel one can conclude that everything is not well with a continent that has been independent for over 50 years.


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