“It makes no sense,”CAF insists delayed Nation Cup will be held as planned

By Beng Emmanuel

The Confederation of African Football has dismissed reports that the delayed 2021 Africa Cup of Nations which begins in Cameroon three weeks from now will be postponed again due to the omicron Covid-19 variant. 

The 24 nations biennial competition was initially due to take place last year but postponed by CAF because of the health pandemic. However, reports from Europe said the continent’s foremost sport event could be postponed for the second time. 

However, Africa’s regular football body, CAF has insisted the upcoming competition will take place as planned. 

“I attend all the CAF meetings, if this (cancellation of AFCON) was discussed at some meetings, I’d understand, (but) it has never been discussed,” -CAF Head of Media Relations and Operations, Lux September told iDiski Times in an exclusive interview. 

He added: “AFCON will be in Cameroon, alpha and omega. That,only in January. There is no doubt in this. There is not even a discussion about this.

 “We’ve been here in Cameroon for a week and a half now. Why would we spend so much time in a country when we’re not going to host the tournament?

“We’ve been here for a week and a half now, the General Secretary Veron is here as well, he’s the second most senior person (in CAF). Why would he spend his time and be here, visiting a country we have no intention of hosting a tournament in?“It makes no sense.”

The European Clubs Association has already informed both CAF and FIFA that as a result of CAF’s inadequate barrier measures against the prevention of Covid-19, European clubs have no intention to release African players for the 2021 AFCON. 

The 2021 Africa Cup of Nations will take place in Cameroon from January 9th to February 6, 2022.


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