Kenya: Authorities to dismiss traffic police caught soliciting bribe

Kenyans have for a while now on social media been demanding the arrest and prosecution of a traffic police officer who was caught on camera soliciting for a bribe.

In an amateur video recorded using a mobile phone that has since gone viral on social media, the police officer is seen harassing a Ugandan student who was driving through Narok County; he demands for 2,000 shillings in order not to book him for a traffic offense, according to the Kenyan Broadcasting Cooperation.

The National Police Service first reaction to this on its twitter handler was “The NPS will not tolerate corruption within its ranks and any officer caught engaging in the vice will be dismissed.”

“Members of the public are also advised to refrain from the vice as anyone found attempting to bribe a Police Officer risks arrest as well,” it added.

On Saturday, the NPS tweeted that the officer has been identified and faces imminent dismissal.

“The officer caught on video soliciting for a bribe has been identified as Corporal Jared Ogutu attached to Narok County. He is being processed vide the Police disciplinary code for eventual dismissal.”

Stakeholders say that the officer’s dismissal is just for show, and that the corruption is a culture so deeply embedded in the police service that it has become their primary business, prioritised above their law enforcement mandate.

The National Police Service is still the most corrupt institution in Kenya according to the East Africa Bribery Index. The index gives a 68.8 per cent rating for the level at which Kenyans give bribes for access to police services.


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