Kenya to pay artists, support the venerable during the coronavirus outbreak

In response to the widespread cancellation of activities that has hit artists in Kenya as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Kenyan president has announced the payment of musicians, actors and athletes. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta made the announcement Monday, April 6, 2020 in an address in an address to Kenyans on enhanced measures in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

He disclosed that Kenya’s Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, in collaboration with Kenya Copyright Board, Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) have established a framework to ensure full transparency for artist’s earnings. 

“My Administration has projected that a total of Ksh. 200 million ($1.884.925) every month will be paid to musicians through the system and other platforms. This translates to over Ksh. 2 billion ($18.849.253) going into the pockets of Kenyan artists. These payments will begin this week in line with the pledge I made in January,” he said. 

“I further direct the Ministry of Sports, Culture, & Heritage to avail an additional support of Ksh. 100 million ($942.462) from the Sports Fund to our artists, actors and musicians, during the period of the covid-19 pandemic,” he added.

The president equally revealed that the government will support vulnerable people in Kenya, especially the needy, in urban areas, with money recovered from corruption proceeds. 

“In that regard, as we scale up our interventions against the current health pandemic, I direct the National Treasury to utilize the 2 Billion of already recovered corruption proceeds to support the most vulnerable members of our society, especially the needy in our urban areas. Our fight in this area continues,” he stated. 

Kenya has confirmed 158 coronavirus cases and 6 fatalities. 4 people have recovered from the disease.


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