Kenyan women take to the streets demanding laws for them to breastfeed in public

Kenyan moms marched to Parliament on Tuesday to push for passage of pending legislation requiring businesses to provide conducive spaces mothers can use to breastfeed their babies.

Their march was prompted by a Nairobi restaurant’s refusal to allow a mom to breastfeed at one of their tables, directing her instead to the unsanitary lavatory.

The lady in question, Betty Kim had complained on a Facebook group about the incident, which took place last week, in Olive Restaurant.

Mothers came to her defence, condemning the restaurant for flouting her rights and for being insensitive. Kenya has a law that requires companies and establishments to provide a nursing area for mothers.

Chanting on their way to the restaurant, the protestors led by the Women of Kenya on behalf of their children also called for action to be taken against anyone infringing on their rights to breastfeed.

The manager of the restaurant has since apologised and also says the waitress who directed the breastfeeding mom to a lavatory will be fired.

Watch women protesting against Olive Restaurant for abusing breast feeding woman;


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