Kidnappings on the rise in Cameroon

Cameroon is witnessing an increase in kidnappings.

On March 15 an armed group kidnapped four Tunisians working at a construction site in Cameroon’s South-West region, they were rescued yesterday 20 March 2018, by Security Forces in the Meme Division of the South West Region.  One of them was killed by his kidnappers and his body was recovered during the rescue operation on Monday.

A top civil servant was abducted over the weekend by suspected separatists was freed early this week. Professor Ivo Leke Tambo, Chairman of the General Certificate of Education Board was early abducted on Saturday by unknown gunmen in his native Lebialem as he led a delegation to organise a thankyou ceremony to the Head of State.

In February, an administrative official was snatched by armed men near Batibo, 40km (25 miles) west of the city of Bamenda. A month after he was kidnapped, a video of said officer popped up on social media. The said video showed Nimbong Aaron Yong pleading for his substantive minister to intervene before the separatists “sacrifice” him. According to him, if the government did not show proof that separatist leaders were alive, he was going to be killed within 48 hours.

In February, a separatist group claimed they kidnapped a divisional officer, Namata Diteng. The divisional officer of Batibo sub-division in Momo Division of the North West region, is yet to be found after he was abducted in the morning of February 11, 2018.

If the recent kidnapping was carried out by English-speaking separatists, as the governments claims, it means kidnapping has become their new line of action.

A socio-political crisis in Cameroon that begun in 2016 has taken another turn, attacks on security and defense forces began in January when 47 separatists, including their leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, were reportedly extradited from Nigeria.


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