Lack of Clean Water in Africa

Did you know that each day, women in countries like Benin walk 3.7 miles w/ 8 gallon basins of #cleanwater weighing nearly 67lbs?

According to a program Water for all in Benin, launched by the United Nations Development Programme, Gina Informs discovered the following…  As of 2014, about 68.1 percent of people in Benin had access to potable water. But this figure conceals major disparities between the various regions of the country.

Lack of drinking water in the rural area presents numerous challenges, especially during the dry season. Children suffer from waterborne diseases like diarrhoea and cholera. Girls drop out of school to trek kilometres every day to fetch water. Even in urban areas, drinking water is rare in the dry season. Residents have to resort to the water supplies of neighbouring villages.

In response, the Government of Benin has launched the National Rural Drinking Water Supply Programme. The objective of the project, which started in January 2016 with the support of UNDP, is to increase the rural water supply rate to 70 percent in 2017 and help to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6.

More than 300 villages in 54 of the country’s 77 communes will be equipped with manually-operated pumps that provide water to close to 80,000 people. Border zones with neighbouring countries have been given priority, particularly schools and health centres.


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