Lifeshare: an app that ensures the availability of blood for patients in Cameroon

Blood donation continues to be a challenge across Cameroon and heartbreaking deaths have occurred just because a patient wasn’t able to find a donor in time.

This widespread reality was what first planted an idea inside Atud Lionel’s mind to bridge the gap between demand and availability of blood units in Cameroon.

Gina Informs: What is Lifeshare ?

Lifeshare is a mobile platform that creates a direct connection between a volunteer blood donor and a Patient without necessarily going through a hospital. It’s like a mobile blood bank. The application also serves in providing the health sector with a fast means of collecting valuable information on blood donation and creates a forum wherein possible solutions to the problems faced by blood banks in our health sector can be provided. Lifeshare app also has a database of all hospitals and health centers and clinics and pharmacies. With just a few touches you will be able to get the address of Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies around you.

Gina Informs: How does Lifeshare function? Must you have the application to use the app?

Lifeshare is a mobile app that runs on android. To use it, you have to download and install it from Google Playstore. When you launch the app, you will be provided with a registration form where Donor and Patients can register. The date from this form is the stored in the database. When a patient is in need of blood, he/she just needs to choose the city, town and blood type then the system will automatically scan the database and bring forth the contact and location of available blood donors.

We are currently working on an sms version for users who don’t have access to internet.

Gina Informs: Do people need to subscribe with a fee to use the app?

Subscription is free

Gina Informs: What areas in Cameroon benefit from this app?

The entire country will benefit from the app especially areas with no facilities to store blood.

Gina Informs: What other applications have you designed?  I understand you just won an award last year for the best innovation of the year?

I have developed two more applications; YesDoctor, an online medical consultation platform and Muzee, which is a music streaming platform . Muzee is available on playstore while Yesdoctor is still to be launched.


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