Logone and Chari: Public Gatherings Banned Amidst Intertribal Conflict

By Augustine Nyuykongi

The Senior Divisional Officer of the Logone and Chari Division of the Far North Region has prohibited all mass gatherings from the Division. 

A communiqué from Ndongo Ndongo Jean Lazare, the SDO has specified that no more than 10 persons should be seen standing together in the Logone and Chari Division henceforth until further notice.

The decision from the SDO comes amidst a scaling of violence between the Mousgoums and the Choa Arabs, locked up in an Intertribal Conflict for years now.

The prohibition of mass gatherings according to the SDO will limit the spiraling of the conflict further. Before the order, a face-off between the two communities had occurred a week earlier, causing the deaths of at least 20 indigenes of both communities. 

The latest conflict is reported to have emanated from a grazer community and their Mousgoum neighbors who are predominantly fishers. With 20 recorded deaths, also about 50,000 others have been displaced according to numerous media reports. Most of them are believed to be taking refuge in army barracks, and some have fled to Chad. 

The press release prohibiting mass gatherings specified that the Mobile Commander of the 33rd Military brigade, the police commissioner of Kousseri, Commander of the Gendarmerie legion of the Logone and Chari, and the Gendarmerie company commander of Kousseri have been tasked to enforce the order.


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