Mancho Bibixy’s coffin revolution: one year after

Did you know that today marks one year since Mancho Bibixy, the newscaster of a local radio station, stood in an open casket in a crowded roundabout in the Anglophone Cameroonian city of Bamenda? Mancho’s revolution surprised so many Cameroonians as he used a blow horn to rebuke the slow rate of economic and structural development in the city, declaring he was ready to die while protesting against the social and economic marginalization of Anglophone persons in a “bilingual” country.

After that incident, a wave of violence blew across the North West Region which led to the death of some Cameroonians. Awareness was created and the struggle was born, with many English speaking Cameroonians waking up from their slumber.

Mancho Bibixi’s arrest was part of a crackdown by the Cameroon government against Anglophone activists. Among others arrested in January 2017 were Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongho and Dr. Fontem Neba. All of them were released by a presidential decree, but for Manch Bibixi and a host of others whose case has been adjourned time and again.

On October 26, Mancho Bibixy told judges at the Yaounde military court, to free all those arrested in connection with Anglophone crisis and sentence him to dead.


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