Maurice Kamto’s Lawyer Tackles Biya Regime After Recent CRM Militant Jail Sentences

Robert Amsterdam, the Canadian Lawyer to the President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto has called the legitimacy of the regime to question.

Robert Amsterdam took to twitter a day after some CRM bigwigs like the National Treasurer Alain Forgue, and CRM Spokesperson Bibou Nissack were each handed out 7 years jail time each.

“With these draconian sentences against Kamto supporters, the Biya regime very plainly demonstrates that they do not believe there is any legitimacy to their authority,” the Canadian Lawyer tweeted.

About 30 other CRM Militants have also received jail sentences from the Yaoundé Military Tribunal ranging from 3,5 and 7 years.

The militants who got arrested in September 2020, were mainly accused of attempted insurrection and contempt of the president of the Republic.

Other opposition political figures like SDF’s Michele Nitcheu and PAP President Njang have criticized the sentences of the militants.

Honorable Nitcheu described the verdicts as “arbitrary and absurd.” To him “it is an indication of the regimes repression against all forms of peaceful manifestations in Cameroon.”


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