Meet Malapane Ntebatse Vinolia: South Africa’s next big thing

SA Model Malapane Ntebatse Vinolia’s mission is to give hope to African kids who think the dark skin colour is barrier to success.

She encourages African kids not to give up; “it doesn’t matter if you were born in the villages, success is diverse and you can achieve it and be anything that you want to be in life.”


My name is Malapane Ntebatse Vinolia. While growing up life has always been hard for me, because of the colour of my skin, I never used to have a sense of belonging; I would always get mocked because I have always been different from the others.

Life in primary school was hard, I was constantly bullied and the same thing happened in high school. But then I have always been a smart girl. Growing up in Bolobedu Limpopo wasn’t easy; I never understood why I wasn’t treated well.

Well I passed my matrix with flying colours and moved to Johannesburg, I have always wanted to be a model but with my low self esteem I was afraid of giving it a shot. People didn’t help either; they would mock me and make jokes out of me and my skin tone. But in the end, I gained confidence bit by bit, and enrolled in Tshwane University of Technology, where I studied events management.

Recently I opened my own event company, where I host annual fashion shows. I have also worked with House of Perris in the United Kingdom; I’m their Brand ambassador here in South Africa.

I launched my own event company because I’m a model with talent and because South African designers, makeup artists, photographers are good at what they do but problem is that they don’t have the right models to sell for them. So that’s where my company comes in.

I want to be a voice to the young girls in the villages, to let them know that success is a diverse thing, every child is capable, their skin color doesn’t define them, and that every child is destined for greatness.

I just graduated recently, I’m doing so well for myself, and I want to share my story with the world and give hope where there’s no hope, give light where there is darkness. If a girl like me from a village could make, then it is possible for anyone to make it.

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