Meet T SON EVAS: Cameroon’s singer-songwriter

Gina Informs: Dear T SON, please introduce yourself for our readers…

Gina, I was born on the 08th of October 1987 in Njinikom (NW Region) to the most hyped folkloric Musician and designer (modern and traditional wares) in Cameroon—Bobe Yerima Afo-Akom and Winifred Bih. I did my elementary education in Government School Njinikom (class 1-3), Catholic School Bayele (class4) and St. Anthony Catholic School Njinikom (class 5-7). I also did my Secondary education in Jua Memorial College Njinikom ( form 1-2), later moved to English High School Yaounde (form 3-5), then Lycee Etoug-ebe Yaounde (where I obtained my O and A’ Levels). I later on moved to the University of Buea in 2009 where I obtained a BSC in Management in 2013. My Academic journey was like swimming against the tights coupled with some retardation in obtaining my public certificates. This is because the passion of becoming an Actor and a Musician eclipsed my whole being and my soul was compelled to navigate with academics and passion simultaneously. Today, my indefatigable and indomitable love for music and acting has brought me this far though not that far.

As a child did you ever dream of being an artist one day?

Well, my childhood life was that of any other child then in the village with no dreams of being iconic in future. My first dream however was to become a Priest in the Catholic Church. This dream started petering out when I later changed my mind to becoming an Actor and a Musician the year I moved to Yaounde. I was still committed to serve God even in my field of passion and today my commitment is the same. My love to do music and acting grew tremendously and quickly. It was not an easy bone to swallow for the dad who frowned at my average performances in exams back then in school. He then became very furious and threatened to ridicule me if I dare involve myself in extracurricular activities (mass serving, choir performances and film acting). I understood he wanted the best for me to become an Accountant or Manager in a big Bank someday and to throw away the idea of doing music like him (what he described as waste of time). Though I tried to satisfy his Fatherly wish for me to acquire a good portion in education, I didn’t for a second relent on going after the desires of my heart. Today my dad is my number 1 fan.

So, tell us about your new song. What is the inspiration behind “MALA MA”?

MALA MA is my newest baby in the market born from an ethno urban rythm nicely produced by Master Roboster. The wordings therein are vivid expressions that exist amongst lovers in relationships today. My inspiration for this song is just a reflection of these beautiful and intimate expressions that exist between couples and loved ones. MALA MA is a piece of art adorned with Kom, English, pidgin English and French languages. MALA MA is translated from Kom to English as MARRY ME.

What do you have in the works now?

Presently I am bracing up for the production of the video.

Where can we find “MALA MA”?

MALA MA is available on youtube.

My fans can follow me on social media using the following;

Facebook @T Son Evas or my facebook page @T SON EVAS

Instagram @tson-evas

YouTube @T SON EVAS official

Twitter @T Son Evas

Sound cloud @T Son Evas


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