Military raids leaves areas in the NW and SW regions in panic and chaos

In a bid to crackdown the Anglophone separatist movement, military raids have left some areas in the Northwest and Southwest regions in panic and chaos.

Early this morning, local reports mention the massive arrest of inhabitants in Ndu sub division, Donga Mantung division in the North West Region. The military had to invade the area following gun shots last night in some areas. As a result, inhabitants are either fleeing for their dear lives or remain locked up in their houses.

Some Cameroonians and journalists have been talking about this on twitter this morning.

This incident is similar to what happened in Kumbo, Bui division over the weekend. Security was reinforced after a gendarme officer was killed on Thursday by unknown men at a control post. An officer by name Ngando Robert was shot in the eye and slaughtered by unknown men who seized his gun and took off.

The identity of the attackers is yet to be established but sources point to an armed separatist group called the Banso Resistance Army who sent out warning tracts earlier in the week planning to wreak havoc on those disrespecting ghost towns.

The town was in commotion after the incident as security officers descended into the town and villages for a search operation to track the culprits. It resulted to massive destruction of private and religious property. Calm has however returned to Kumbo, local reports say.

About two weeks ago in the Southwest Region, an Officer by name Endaman was amputated and killed in Kwakwa following waves of unrest in the locality and its environs.

A group of angry youths attacked car transporting him and his family, killed him and abandoned him in the forest. His corpse was only discovered late in the afternoon when the military came in for intervention in the village. It resulted to an enormous destruction and the whole of Kwakwa village was brought down to ashes, it is reported that an old lady was burnt inside her home, because she could not run. The village is deserted, with most of the inhabitants fleeing to Nigeria or staying in the bushes.

Things are getting worse as the time goes by, the Anglophone crisis has been ongoing for over a year now, and it is building different groups of resistances made up of youths that are getting furious day after day. Many analysts, political leaders and clergy men have called on the government to dialogue, because it is only through dialogue that the crisis can be quelled.


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