Minister Felix Mbayu Rubbishes former West Cameroon Economy before Reunification

By Augustine Nyuykongi

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of Relations with the Commonwealth Felix Mbayu, has amongst other things made a mockery of former West Cameroon corporations which existed before Independence and Reunification.

The Minister spoke yesterday, October 6, 2021, at Commercial Avenue, where the population had gathered to meet with Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. Minister Felix Mbayu spoke extensively about former West Cameroon electricity distributor, PowerCam and the Educational system, which he claims only got better after Reunification with French Cameroon.

“Someone people have raised points, stating that companies like PowerCam were doing very well before Reunification. However, they don’t know that PowerCam could not even power up to 50 electric bulbs,” he claimed. “PowerCam could only end at Muyuka. Kumba only began using electricity when it was tapped from Mbanga. In Bamenda, we did not even know of PowerCam,” he added.

He also insisted that West Cameroon’s Educational system was only improved after Reunification with French Cameroon. “When the Brits left Former West Cameroon, all we had was the Sasse College, then CCAST Bambili later on… Today, every subdivision has at least 1 High School, and every village has at least a college.” Minister Mbayu said.

Minister Felix Mbayu was in the delegation which had accompanied the Prime Minister to the North West Region.  In his address to the population of Bamenda, he told them that the government had already dialogued with Anglophones 15 times.

“The Government has already had 15 Dialogues with the Anglophones, but every day we keep getting complains of the state not having done enough to solve the Anglophone crisis,” he insinuated.

According to the Minister, the discussions with the Anglophone Consortium in 2016, the employment of 1000 bilingual teachers, the redeployment of magistrates, and the translation of the Ohada Law to English were enough to end the crisis.

He also blamed the degeneration of the Anglophone crises on individuals (in the diaspora), which he says have sabotaged all government’s efforts to resolve the crisis, by always claiming that the government hasn’t done enough. 

The Major highlight of the Prime Minister’s meeting with the population yesterday was the laying down of weapons by 12 Ambazonian fighters. Led by self-styled General Scatter, they laid down their weapons in the presence of Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. The prime minister congratulated them and urged more fighters to leave the bushes and drop their weapons.


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