More mass graves discovered 24 years after Rwanda’s genocide

Rwandans will continue burying the bodies of those who died decades ago during the Rwandan Genocide.

Authorities in Rwanda have found new mass graves they say contain 5 400 bodies of genocide victims nearly a quarter-century after the 1994 bloodshed, the Associated Press reports.

Naphtal Ahishakiye, executive secretary of genocide survivors’ organisation Ibuka, told the news agency that the bodies were exhumed from 26 mass graves in the capital’s Kicukiro district.

He says the discovery followed a tip from a man who heard about the graves as a child.

Other mass graves were found in April. The discoveries have been called the most significant in years in this East African nation still recovering from the killings of more than 800 000 people.

Many Rwandans are shocked and saddened that community residents have kept quiet about the graves for so long.
Ibuka officials say the bodies will be given a decent burial.

(Associated Press)


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