“My time in exile will be brief” Patrice Nganang

“I am free. Yes, they did not sentence me to death when they had me at their mercy.” Patrice Nganang writes to Cameroonians on his Facebook wall from the USA.

After a court in Yaoundé ordered an end to legal proceedings against Nganang, which began with his arrest on December 6, he was expelled from Cameroon and his Cameroonian passport was seized. Patrice Nganang left Cameroon expelled at 13h30 GMT with Ethiopian Airlines for Washington DC.

On his Facebook post he explains that he was not happy with his deportation.
“The best ? They put me on a plane to Washington DC, but I reside in New York in the USA. They put me on a plane that took me to Washington DC, when they kidnapped me twenty-one days earlier, from a plane that was taking me to my family in Harare, Zimbabwe.”

“They put me in a plane, and threw me into the Atlantic Ocean, the same ocean that millions of our ancestors made by boat.”

“To extradite me from Yaoundé, who was born in Elobi, whose placenta is buried in Yaounde, who studied in Tsinga, selling soap at the Central Market,” the poet recaptured his days in Cameroon.

“Can an American, a German, a Frenchman extradite his brother to Cameroon? To Yaoundé?”

Mr. Nganang appreciated all the anglophone detainees who are still locked up in Kondengui saying their kind words kept him going in the prison.

Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said the writer was accused of threatening to shoot Biya in a Facebook post.

The post was allegedly written after the writer’s return from a visit to the Anglophone west of the largely Francophone country, which sought to unite disparate territories after independence in 1960.


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