Namibian President says African leaders waste time at the AU Summit

Another summit with leaders from all over Africa has come and gone, with debates raised, decisions arrived at, solutions put on the table and some solved. But the question most Africans have on their lips is will these issues be implemented.

Beginning with the Namibian President, Hage Geingob, Aljazeera caught up with him in Addis Ababa and this is what he had to say about  the lengthy agenda, ranging from appointing an anti-corruption leader, independent financing for the organization and political and security issues around the continent.

“We waste time, we sit here and waste time,” the Namibian head said.  “Because, what is going to help those people in the streets, in the sun? What we are debating here?  Taking hours and so on?”

He is not the only one who shares this view; some Africans have taken to twitter, with their thoughts about the body.

The African Union has been around for nearly 55 years. A symbol of African unity in the post colonial decades. But it has faced many challenges in this new era where corruption and conflict continue to dominate the headlines.

Its new chief – Rwandan President Paul Kagame says Africa is running out of time to save itself from permanent deprivation. Kagame hopes to implement certain reforms during his tenure as Chairman. And so many Africans hope he delivers, because he has been doing an amazing job in Rwanda.


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