New FECAFOOT Regional League Presidents Elected

By Beng Emmanuel

The new regional Presidents and delegates of the Cameroon Football Federation have been elected into office at the end of regional elections carried out nationwide in the regional headquarters on Monday November 1, 2021.

Contrary to the divisional elections of FECAFOOT held on September 24, all the ten regions were involved with the North, Adamawa, and Centre regions featuring unopposed candidates for the elections.  

In the North West region, Mbigha Njah Felix was unanimously re-elected at the helm of the football body after the other contestant Ivo Chi withdrew his candidacy. Henry Njalla Quan was voted the new president in the South West region after defeating outgoing Ndive Molungu Thomas in a highly contested election 17-15.

There were also wins for Celine Eko-who is the lone woman at the helm of a regional league-  in the South region, Bekek Robert Louis in the Littoral and Boubakari Bello in the Far North.

With the divisional and regional elections conducted, the electoral commission of the Cameroon Football Federation will begin preparations for the federal elections to elect the new president of the Cameroon Football Federation and executives on December 11, 2021.

Newly elected Regional Presidents

1.  Centre – Léon Aimé ZANG

2.  South – Céline EKO


4.  Adamawa – ABBO MOHAMADOU

5.  North – SADOU YAOUBA

6.  Littoral – Robert Louis BEKEK

7.  North West – Mbigha Felix

8.  South West – Njalla Quan Junior

9.  Far North – Boubakari Bello

10. East – Dampir Arthur


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