Ngarbuh Massacre was an attempt to punish villagers for living with Ambazonians – Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch says it is putting together information from an investigation they carried out, a week after the Ngarbuh massacre that left 21 civilians including a pregnant woman and 15 children dead.

Ilaria Allegrozzi, a Human Rights Watch senior researcher in Central Africa says the facts were taken from the satellite and testimonies from members of the community where the unfortunate incident occurred.

Ilaria Allegrozzi revealed on TV5 Monde that after findings Human Rights Watch discovered that what happened in Ngarbuh on February 14, 2020 was not an accident as the Cameroonian government says, it was a deliberate massacre of villagers in a community by the Cameroonian military.

She disclosed that the organization is putting together credible information that justifies that.

“We have spoken to a good number of people and witnesses who have said there was no confrontation between the separatists and the military, there were no explosions of containers of fuel as the government stated – it was deliberate and designed to punish the population for accommodating separatists in the village,” Allegrozzi said.

“The findings also revealed that the military proceeded to burn the corpse of the civilians they killed in their houses, we took images from satellite before and after the burnings which confirm what the villagers testified,” she added.

Ever since the Ngarbuh massacre occurred, there have been incompatible figures on the number of persons, who were killed. The Government spoke of 5 civilians; one woman and four children and 7 ‘terrorists’, the United Nations spoke of 24, meanwhile local reports said over 30 people died.

Allegrozzi said 21 people died in the massacre according to their findings. The Rights researcher stated that those who testified gave them the figures according to the number of individuals who were buried in the mass graves.

The Cameroon government however maintained its stand that separatist fighters and their allies are spreading fake information to attract sympathy from the international community.

The United Nations, the USA, the Commonwealth have ever since condemned the massacre and have asked for an urgent and independent investigation on the killings in Ngarbuh village on February 14, 2020.


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