Nigeria: Fresh abduction of schoolgirls, others still unaccounted for since 2014

Adding to the more than 100 girls still missing after they were abducted from their school in the north-east Nigerian town of Chibok in 2014, is a fresh abduction of dozens of schoolgirls by militant Islamist group Boko Haram this week.

Authorities said on Wednesday the Dapchi girls had been rescued, but later backtracked and said they were still missing.

At least 76 schoolgirls from the village of Dapchi were snatched by a faction of the Islamist group this week, according to the government, in a mass kidnapping that echoed the abduction of some 220 girls from a Chibok school in April 2014.

Some of the Chibok girls managed to escape shortly after they were seized, while about 100 have been freed in exchange for Boko Haram militants, in negotiations brokered by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Some Nigerians have been furious about this abduction, it reminds them about the Chibok girls who have been separated from their parents for more than 3 years, some of these girls are mothers already. To them the Federal Government has not learned a lesson form the kidnap of Chibok girls.

Some are asking questions why it happens only before presidential elections.

The president of Nigeria on his twitter handler apologized and assured citizens that they have everything under control. But most Nigerians do not share his view.



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