No more miracle money in Botswana: Authorities close Prophet Bushiri’s church.

The Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, is renowned for performing miracles, such as walking on air, praying for money to appear and most recently buying a brand-new Maserati Levante for his 6-years-old daughter as a birthday gift.

Well, that aside, the Prophet has branches of his church in many African countries and one of them is Botswana. But according to reports from local media in Botswana, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church there has been closed.

The church was shut down after he violated Botswana’s laws despite being warned to stop the practice of “miracle money.” The church’s countrywide cells have been ordered to cease operations. However, the ECG has since appealed to the authorities.

What usually happens is Christians receive money instantly in their bags in church or receive notifications from the bank accounts that they have been credited after he prays for them to receive money.

Bushiri increased his fame in Zimbabwe after he made a “prophecy’ in November 2016 that then Minister of State Security Kembo Mohadi was going to receive a “crown” representing a promotion as well as wealth. In January Mohadi was named by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as one of his Vice Presidents together with former Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Retired General Constantino Chiwenga.  Some have concluded that Bushiri’s word was fulfilled.


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