North West Region: Civilians Yet to Recover From Yesterday’s arson attacks

By Augustine Nyuykongi 

Residents of the Mbengwi road and the Alakuma neighborhoods in Bamenda, North West Region are yet to recover from a military raid in their neighborhood. Sources familiar with the story say soldiers set ablaze several houses there.

According to multiple reports, the raid is believed to have been an act of retaliation  by the military after separatist attack. Separatist fighters reportedly attacked the military using explosives. 

The attack reportedly attack caused the death of soldiers, pushing the military to retaliate on the population. 

The raid left dozens of families homeless and helpless. Many of them have also escaped into the bushes overnight for fear of the unknown.

At least 10 persons have also been reported dead in the raid, with some of them being burnt alive in their homes, some of them children. 

 A day after the attack, residents of Mbengwi road in Bamenda say it might take a while for them to recover from what they witnessed. “What happened here is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. It was utterly despicable,” a resident told us. 

Bamenda residents say the recent arson in their town is a great indicator that the time has come for the warring parties to start seeking peaceful resolutions to the crisis.


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