North West Region Teachers’ Trade Unions Condemn Killing of Pupils in Bamenda and Buea

By Augustine Nyuykongi

A collective of teachers’ trade unions in the North West Region of Cameroon have written a statement, condemning the recent spree of killings on school children in Anglophone Regions.

The 5 trade unions namely; CATTU, PEATTU, BATTUC, CEWOTU, and TAC in a joint statement said the killing of Enondiale Carolaise I’m Buea, and of Tataw Brandy in Bamenda is “incomprehensible.”

The Trade Unions in the statement also denounced the unrestrained use of firearms by both Separatists and Government forces. According to the statement, it has “heightened the uncertainty and insecurity in these places at alarming levels…”

The teachers also called for restraint from all parties, stating that “students and pupils cannot and should not be subjected to pain, fear, uncertainty, and death…” 

Members of the trade unions made it clear in their statement that they were against any calls for schools to be shut down. They also called on the authorities to ensure that pedagogic activities be made a priority, especially in the present circumstances.


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