One confirmed dead from sporadic gunshots in Bamenda

One civilian has died in Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon following sporadic shootings in Mile 2, mile 3 and major parts of the town.

The incident occurred on Saturday night at 10 PM, as the military tried to get ‘recalcitrant bike riders’ off the streets from 9 PM.

According to sources, the military is working with the Bamenda City Council to get culprits who kill men in uniform, after investigations revealed that those who kill them use bikes to escape.

No injuries have been reported.

Saturday night is always very busy in Bamenda town; wedding ceremonies, meetings and hangouts usually make the night a very long one. It is obvious that in the course of the night, people need motor bikes to get back home late at night after feasting.

The presence of bikes on the streets therefore, led to sporadic shootings in some parts of the restive region.

The Northwest region just like the Southwest, has for over a year now been troubled because of the Anglophone crisis which has claimed several lives, especially the youth, property has been destroyed, school has also been disrupted, economic life is slow; causing so many people to leave the town.

Still on the curfew on bike riders, a woman was shot dead, at Banja, on her way to the cattle market at 5 AM, while the bike rider had some injuries after the military opened fire on them.

Some areas in the region have been a hit and run hotspot on men in uniform leading to series of violence and destruction of property.

However the atmosphere has been calm after the shootings stopped before midnight yesterday, and people have been going on with their activities normally.


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