Operation Total Impact recognizes student-inmates at the Buea central prison, School

On January 11, 2019, Operation Total Impact (OTI) an organization with a mandate of controlling and mitigating crimes and restoring peace in Africa organized an award giving ceremony at the Buea central prison. NGOs like YEA, and NOELA LYONGA FOUNDATION attended the ceremony.

The event was organized to award prices to successful GCE student-inmates and to encourage the students on making their lives better in prison.

The event initially had to take place on December 28, 2018 but was moved to January 11, 2019.

REV Sama Ndaghu, the CEO of Operation Total Impact in a speech, congratulated the school for its impressive performance, he made mention of the fact that in 2016, a student who is now a teacher at the Buea Central Prison had four papers in the GCE Advance level certificate.

The CEO further noted that by September this year, a computer class and a primary school will be opened in the Buea Central Prison to educate those who didn’t finish primary school and also help those who wish to learn computer. He called on the other NGOs present to support these projects.

He ended by assuring the prisoners that being in prison is not the end of their lives making reference to Nelson Mandela, Agbor Balla who were once in prison and later became great people in their societies.

The Secretary General of Islamic education Mr Hamza Hilary who was also present at the event expressed how sad he felt seeing young Cameroonians who are supposed to be the future leaders of the Country in prison. He assured the young inmates that as long as God lives, they will one day regain their freedom. He encouraged the other inmates who have not yet enrolled in the school that the doors of the school are still open for them.

Mr Agbor James, the principal of the school, spoke about the challenges the school faces;  such as inadequate school material, personnel and foodstuff.


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