“Our soldiers never use firearms except in self-defense”- Issa Tchiroma

Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has said soldiers never use firearms except in self defense.  He was reacting to the recent killings of gendarmes and the abduction of the DO in Batibo on February 11 on Cameroon Tribune.

He added that the defense and security forces act under strict instructions and these instructions are all about protecting the lives and property of Cameroonians, no matter the circumstances.

Early on Sunday morning, February 11, the Divisional Officer for Batibo in the North West region was abducted. Till now no one knows where the DO is, amid speculations that he might have been killed, but the government has said nothing else about this.

After an attack masterminded by about a hundred attackers, three gendarmes were murdered on that same Sunday morning, in Kembong, in the South-West region.


But then according to reports and eye witnesses soldiers have been using firearms on innocent civilians.

Just about a week ago, AFP reported that security forces killed four civilians in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. One person was shot dead in Bamenda, where he was enjoying a night out, his family said.

“We were going home when the gendarmes stopped us. They opened fire on our vehicle because some of us were slow to get out,” the victim’s brother said.

Two other people were killed by armed police on the road linking Bamenda to neighbouring Bafut.

The police opened fire because the civilians “did not comply” when they were pulled up, a security source said.

Meanwhile in Belo, a 26-year-old man was killed, while hiding in a loft space while security forces were trashing private homes

However, the army last Friday, February 9, denied its troops were responsible for alleged atrocities against separatists in English-speaking regions after unverified footage apparently involving soldiers was posted online, adding that they were victims of disinformation and fake news.


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