Paul Biya takes to Twitter daily to talk about ‘National Unity’

As 20th May approaches the Cameroon government is making several moves to counter a possible disruption of National day celebrations, especially in English speaking regions, like never before. Even the president has been tweeting about national unity before the National Day more than he has ever done before.

With the hash tags #NationalDay2018 and #OneAndIndivisible, President Paul Biya is flooding his twitter handler daily, before the National Day.

“I solemnly call on all Cameroonians to translate into reality their commitment to this great task of unity, peace and progress and to adhere to it resolutely with legitimate determination to remain great, united, hard-working people, aspiring to prosperity and justice, a people who believe in their future and are desirous of remaining masters of their destiny both home and abroad,” he began.

This is an attempt made by Mr Biya for national unity, but then looking at the current socio-political situation in Cameroon, Cameroonians expect more than this from him. The crisis has passed the point where only words should be spoken; millions of people are waiting for the government to act and not just only talk, to prove this ‘national unity.’

Two of his tweets have drawn a lot of attention;

“To build Cameroon, there can be no Cameroonian left aside.”

The ongoing crisis in the Cameroon which has mostly affected the North West and South West Regions, points out a situation where a section of the country seems to be left out, forgotten and abandoned; from the internally displaced persons, the homeless, to the refugees across the border in Nigeria, and others who are being affected by the crisis daily in one way or the other.

“Let us continue to maintain and improve our bilingualism,” another tweet says.

Bilingualism is a blessing but in Cameroon, it seems to be a curse. Ever since the commission of bilingualism and multiculturalism was launched, nothing much has changed, a glaring example which citizens always complain about on a daily basis is information (mostly text) shared to the public. It either comes only in French, or poorly translated English, most of the time.

Cameroon celebrates its 46th edition of the National Day May 20, 2018, under the theme: “Cameroonian citizens, let us remain united in diversity and preserve social peace, for a stable, indivisible and prosperous Cameroon.”


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