Paul Biya’s Speech leaves many Cameroonians unsatisfied 

Cameroon’s president Paul Biya gave his traditional end of year addressto Cameroonians on Sunday December 31, leaving out what most citizens wanted to hear. 

From every indication he mentioned that the year which just ended was a difficult one, as he explained to Cameroonians how the entire nation managed to survive.

“During the year just ending, Cameroon confirmed to the world, within a difficult context, the soundness of its institutions, the resilience of its economy and its attachment to national unity.”

“Indeed, our country demonstrated a remarkable capacity to meet the numerous challenges it faced in the sporting, security, economic or social domains,” President Biya explained.

In this post I have highlighted some key issues he left out; Cameroonians have been circulating on social media.


President Biya failed to mention the mass exodus from the Southwest region to Nigeria.

The UN reports over 7000 Cameroonians are in Nigeria’s Cross River state, with thousands more awaiting registration. The UN has also expressed difficulty in getting aid to these refugees.


President Biya left out the growing presence of the army in the NW and SW Regions, which is traumatizing. From every indication he has gone government reports on the presence of the Military in the NW and SW Regions; “protection”. There has been a cry for Demilitarization for quite sometime by the clergy, political figures and activists.


As usual the president mentioned that dialogue is very much needed to solve the crisis, but what is raising an eyebrow here is he left out a date for the dialogue and limited it.

“I should make it very clear that, to my mind, dialogue has always been and will always remain the best means of resolving problems, so long as it is strictly in line with republican legality.”

The Libyan Crisis 

President Biya did not talk about the torturing of Cameroonians in Libya. According to OIM, thousands of Cameroonians are stranded in Libya. OIM has succeeded to bring back a few hundreds and will not bring back up to a thousand. At the same time youths are still leaving the country everyday through unbelievable routes to make it to Europe and America, despite the horrible testimonies given by those who have managed to return.



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