Presbyterian seminarians trapped in a gun battle between Separatist fighters and the military

A fierce gun battle at the Theological Seminary Kosala, Kumba, Southwest Region of Cameroon is endangering the lives of
over a hundred seminarians and staff at the school campus, an eye witness tells Gina Informs Monday.

The witness who doesn’t want his name disclosed says the gunshots started after separatist fighters ran into the campus from the military yesterday.

They have been trapped for over 24 hours and haven’t had any food, just water. They spent the night on the floor and are still on the floor because of fear that bullets which are falling on the roof of their hostels and on campus might hit one of them.

“More than half of the seminarians do not have homes anymore,” the witness explained. “Even if the gunshots stop and they are asked to leave the campus, most of them will not have anywhere to go to because they no longer know where their parents and families are, they are lost in the bush.”

The crisis in the English speaking regions of Cameroon has grown into a war, according to inhabitants. There are frequent clashes between the separatist fighters and the military which has led to the dead of about 400 people as Amnesty International says.
The fighting and violence in these areas has rendered many homeless. Thousands of English speaking Cameroonians are now refugees in Nigeria, while a great number of them have moved to some French speaking regions as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).


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