“President Biya will be a candidate, because he is the National President of the CPDM” – Fame Ndongo

Cameroon’s Minister of Higher Education has revealed that president Paul Biya will be the party’s candidate for presidential elections, because he is the national president of the party. He was quoting the constitution of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement.

During an interview with the French channel RFI, Fame Ndongo spoke about the possibilities of the incumbent president of Cameroon being the flag bearer for his party during the 2018 elections.

But then president Paul Biya has not mentioned that he will be representing his party for the upcoming elections this year.

However, during the interview, the minister went ahead to explain his statement, after he was asked if he was announcing Paul Biya’s candidacy or not; he declined that he was not announcing a candidacy, he said that he was simply quoting the constitution of the CPDM. He added that there is still much time left for Paul Biya to decide whether he will be president or not.

Cameroon will go to the polls this year to vote for a president, so far, some members of the opposition are already talking about the race to the Etoudi Palace. A coalition for the opposition called the “NOW MOVEMENT” is gathering momentum on social media and abroad. All eyes are on the president of Cameroon who has been in power since 1982, but he hasn’t made a statement as regards being a flagbearer or not.

On his birthday this February 2018, state media on its twitter handler said many youths called on him to be their president. Cameroon Tribune published that up to 10,000 youths made the call.


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