President Museveni describes his 32 years in power and more as destiny

In President Museveni’s New Year message, he praised the 317 legislators who supported the amendments of the constitution saying they played a great role when the country was at crossroads. He also added “We cannot kukonesa (under-cook or badly cook) the destiny of Africa,” as he addressed Ugandans.

Earlier today, Ugandan media reported that President Yoweri Museveni has signed into law a bill that removes a presidential age limit from the constitution and allows him to run for election again.
President Museveni is 73 and would have been ineligible to run in 2021. Now he could rule until 2031 after the amendments.

Popularly known as the Age limit bill, the amendment extends the MPs term of office to 7 years, brings back term limits into the constitution, and allows individuals above the age of 75 to stand for president, removing an earlier restriction. The Constitution Amendment Bill 2017 first passed into a second reading by 317 for and 97 votes against at the end of 2017.

Museveni in Power
Coming to power as President of Uganda in 1986, Mr Museveni was initially celebrated as part of a new generation of democratic African leaders.
Uganda has experienced a period of relative stability and economic growth during his time in office, following the devastating rule of Idi Amin.
But the suppression of political opposition remains a problem, according to human rights groups.
In 2005, a constitutional amendment scrapped presidential term limits, enabling him to rule unchallenged.
An evangelical Christian, he’s well known in the West for his decision to criminalise homosexuality in early 2014.



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