President Paul Biya tweets on World Press Freedom Day

President Paul Biya took to Twitter this morning to make his view known about press freedom in his country.

Mr. Biya spoke about the effect of fake news. “Disinformation, slander and lies for selfish gains, have eclipsed the dissemination of real news,” he said in a tweet.

Unfortunately, cameroonians replying under his tweet said what he tweeted is the contrary in Cameroon. According to reporters without borders, Cameroon noted for gross rights abuse against journalists in the line of their work. Arrest and detention of journalists also happens from time to time. Cameroon comes 129th on this year world’s press freedom index out of 179.

International rights groups have reported that the government employs an atmosphere of fear and restrictions that force journalists to self-censor their work for fear of detention and high fines.

Some journalists in the country’s Anglophone regions have also been arrested in the line of their work. The country’s communications minister, however, pegs press freedom to the number of media houses operating in the Central African nation.


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