Presidential Election: Frankline Ndifor Afanwi’s New Cameroon

The presidential aspirant Frankline Ndifor Afanwi of the Cameroon National Citizens Movement – CNCM, has unveiled his governance programme. On Tuesday September 4, he told international and local media during a press conference that the time for change in Cameroon has come and it will be under a God-fearing person.

CNCM’s flag bearer outlined an appealing governance program for a Cameroon he said citizens of the country yearned for; under his administration, there will be a ministerial restructuration, the number of ministers will be reduced. There will be frequent state audits by experts. The form of the state will be a federation. The educational system in Cameroon will be modified. The government will take on a digitalized system. The industrial sector will be improved. The prison systems in Cameroon will be refurbished; prisons will be more of rehabilitation centers. Cameroon’s infrastructure will be greatly improved for beautiful cities. Shopping malls will replace central markets. More production will be done in Cameroon, and less exports will be done to enhance productivity.

Prophet Frank: A unique candidate

This is the first time in Cameroon’s history that a Man of God is aspiring for the top job in Cameroon. The announcement of Prophet Frank’s candidacy for the 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon took many by surprise. Many Cameroonians questioned and are still questioning if he will quit the pulpit for Etoudi, and if a Man of God should be involved in politics.

Prophet Frank has insisted that he is going to be and remain a leader and not a politician. He will not leave the church to attend to his presidential duties, and he will manage his time in such a way that he will have time for the citizens of Cameroon and the members of his church.

The prophet candidate has declared that he was chosen by God following a vision he had to come and salvage Cameroon from bondage. Likewise get the country out of this mess in which it finds itself today into the promise land.

Many ills are plaguing Cameroon; corruption, nepotism, favoritism, occultism, cannibalism, embezzlement. Previous elections organized in Cameroon were marred with a lot of irregularities; the stuffing of ballot boxes, falsification of return sheets, the thwarting of pre and post elections litigation proceedings. These are some of the shortcomings in Cameroon that worry the presidential candidate – Ndifor Frankline Afanwi and he wants to intercede for Cameroonians.


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