Prime Minister, Dion Ngute tries scoring points for Government in SW visit

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Cameroon’s Prime Minister and Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute is on a working visit to the South West Region with one agenda; to preach for and show the efficacies of the Major National Dialogue resolutions in solving the Anglophone crisis.

The September 2019 Major National Dialogue in Cameroon was called by Cameroon’s Head of State, Paul Biya after mounting pressure from the international community and Cameroonians for the state of Cameroon to seek long and lasting solutions to the Anglophone crisis.

Considered now as cosmetic measures implemented by the state, because the process was neither fair nor inclusive, the Major National Dialogue has been criticized by several international communities, politicians, NGOs, and Anglophones. An upsurge in violent attacks by Ambazonian separatists has also been witnessed ever since.

Talking to the media at the Buea Mountain Hotel in a press conference, almost 2 years after the Major National Dialogue, PM Joseph Dion Ngute said the Major National Dialogue had many achievements which have been overlooked by the media. He also blamed pressmen for fueling the armed conflict in the Anglophone Regions.

“Schools are more than 50% operational in the South West Region. I wonder why that is not being trumpeted on media. Look at how the CDC is progressively gaining its exportation strengths, look at these positive developments,” he outlined.

PM Dion Ngute also praised the much-criticized “Special Status” tag accorded to anglophones. He said “it’s only in the North West and South West Regions that there is an independent conciliator. It’s in the assemblies of the two regions that there will be a bicameral legislature.”

The Prime Minister is expected to end his visit today, September 22, 2021, with an enlarged symposium with the population of the South West Region at the National Advanced School of Local Administrators, NASLA. The meeting is geared at seeking ways of consolidating the exploits of the 2019 Major National Dialogue.


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