Relative Calm Returns to Buea After Early Morning Explosion

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Calm has returned to the town of Buea, South West Region of Cameroon after an Improvised Explosive Device detonated today morning.

The explosive which was planted inside a taxi exploded around the Las Vegas Snack Bar, Molyko at about 5:30 am reports say. The explosion, unfortunately, killed the driver of the taxi called Feugang Beaude-Laire. He died at the Solidarity Hospital in Molyko, moments after he was rushed in. 

Residents in Buea say the town has returned to normalcy following the early morning scare in the town. “It was tense in the morning especially around the Molyko neighborhood, but as of now everywhere is calm and back to normal.

The corpse of the driver is at the Buea Mortuary.” A Buea denizen told us.

Several reports have suggested that the explosion was done by Ambazonian Separatists. According to media reports, it is a way of enforcing the routine ghost town days in the town which for a while has been ignored.

The explosion in Buea today, November 08, 2021, is the second in less than two weeks. A similar detonation that occurred last week has also been blamed on the Separatists. No life was lost in the blast, but the driver of the taxi which had exploded was reportedly taken by the security forces for questioning.


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