Reverend Voma Simon Breaks Silence of Bali Church Shooting, Blames Military

By Augustine Nyuykongi

The officiating Pastor of the Presbyterian Church Ntanfoang, Bali Nyonga Reverend Voma Simon has spoken for the first time since he was shot and injured while inside the church. The incident which occured on August 23, 2022 led to the death of a church member.

His testimony was read by the presbytery secretary of Bali Elder Tafrey Frederick on Sunday, October 17. He quoted Reverend Pastor Voma Simon saying “I was shot by the Military during the unfortunate incident which saw our sister Grace Titalabit, shot dead by the same military… she died right in the church”

Reverend Voma says he asked to talk to the military at the time of the incident. “The Christians carried me to them…” the statement read. There, he questioned the military about the shooting at the church.

“They said they would get a car and take me to the hospital,” he said. Reverend Voma Simon added that the incident has since left him broken psychologically.

“Since that day my health has been deteriorating very fast… Though the wound is healing very fast, the pain is still there. The trauma was heavy in my heart and pushed me to depression,” he said.

“I had never seen a Christian shot dead in a church until that fatal day,” he mentioned. The preacher used the opportunity to condemn the killings in the Anglophone Regions.

The testimony from Reverend Voma Simon has contradicted the version given by the representative of the Ministry of Defence. Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack had denied military involvement in the church shooting, days after the incident.

Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack accused English Separatist fighters of orchestrating the attack which led to the death of the christian.


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