Richard Bona announces release of charity single to support Ngarbuh Massacre families’ victims

Cameroonian Grammy Award – winning jazz bassist has announced the release of an uplifting track – ‘Ngarbuh’ to help raise vital funds for the families of the victims of the Ngarbuh Massacre. 

Richard Bona says he is touched by the massacres in the english speaking regions of Cameroon. 

“When I am touched I allow my heart to speak, I can’t prevent it from happening,” he said during a Facebook live on his page.

He says the money raised from the single will be donated to relatives of those who were affected by the massacre, through Maurice Kamto’s Survie Cameroon Survival Initiative or any other person who can help take relief to those in Ngarbuh.   

“We cannot sing about everything, there are some incidents that move us to sing more than others and it has to do with inspiration,” the one time Grammy Award winners’ told fans who asked him why he hasn’t done so for other incidents that occurred in Cameroon.

A link for the single which is in the Duala language will be available Friday, May 8, 2020 on social media. 

“Unfortunately I don’t speak their language,” he said, justifying why the single is in Duala. 

“Music goes beyond lyrics it’s not only about lyrics, this song will speak to you so that incidents like this will not occur in our country again,” he added

“We cannot shoot innocent children, I say no. Nothing should justify that. Anywhere in the world, even adults. Even during a war we shouldn’t kill children, they are innocent.”

The Ngarbuh Massacre took place on February 14, 2020 amid the war in the restive English Speaking Regions of Cameroon. At least 21 civilians were killed, including 13 children and 1 pregnant woman in the village in Donga-Mantung Division, Northwest Region of Cameroon.


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