Security agents seize 105 cartons of Frozen Chicken in Kribi

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Officers of the Navy Department of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR have impounded over 105 cartons of smuggled frozen Chicken in Kribi, South Region.

The smuggled items were seized in two separate operations after hints of an illegal trafficking network was disclosed to them, the BIR say.

Media reports say the first consignment of 15 cartons was seized at the Mabiogo neighborhood by the Navy officers of the locality, while 90 others were seized by officers of the border police unit.

BIR sources say the 90 cartons impounded had been taken from two suspicious smugglers who could not account for what they were transporting when questioned by the law enforcement agents.

“…We saw a car which had on board two individuals trying to clear it off the road. When we questioned them on what they were up to, no clear answer was given. A search of the car led to the discovery of the chicken.” The BIR agent revealed.

The seized chicken has been reportedly destroyed by the authorities in accordance with the laws banning the importation of Frozen Chicken into Cameroon. The traffickers have been kept in detention pending an appearance in court.

In 2006, Cameroon placed a ban on the importation of Frozen Chicken. The advocacy for the ban on its importation was led by late Bernard Njonga, an Agricultural Engineer whose aim was to ensure food security to Cameroonians.

The ban, at the time helped revive the ailing poultry industry in Cameroon which had been rendered helpless with an influx of Frozen Chicken from outside the country.


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