Security Forces launch man-hunt after over 100 prisoners vanish from a prison in Wum

Security forces have launched a hunt for inmates who escaped from the Wum prison, in Menchum Division in Cameroon’s North West Region.

On Tuesday evening a commando attacked the Wum prison and released over 100 detainees. Most of them are still on the run. Gunmen stormed the prison in the restive North West Region at around 7 pm on Tuesday, 25 September. According to security sources, they used a ladder to climb over the back wall opposite the prisons watchtower.

The guards were taken by surprise and could not resist the armed men. The armed men fired warning shots and broke down the cell doors. About 117 detainees were released and immediately disappeared into thin air. The attackers also took away some weapons.

Prison breaks are now common in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. The Tuesday prison break was the third in the last three months in the North West Region, after those of Bali and Ndop. Over 160 prisoners fled when a similar incident happened in Ndop in July.

Also, in May armed men attacked the Muyuka Central Police Station in the South West region, stole guns and liberated some prisoners. Barely three weeks after the Muyuka Central Police Station incident, have gunmen once again, raided the Bavenga Prison in the same Sub-division thus further compounding the situation.


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