St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital and Cardiac Center, Shisong Invaded by Government Forces

By Augustine Nyuykongi

The Director of the St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital and Cardiac Center, in Shisong-Kumbo, Bui Division, in the North West Region, has condemned an invasion carried out at the hospital by Government forces.

The invasion carried on Sunday, November 14, 2021, at about 2:15 PM is the second of such by Cameroon’s government forces. The aim of the invasion according to the government forces, was to fish Ambazonian fighters whom they claim had been receiving treatment at the hospital.

Dr. Sr. Anshoma Helen Mbuoh, the Director of the St. Elizabeth Hospital in a statement published a day after the invasion, recounted that soldiers had brutalized the security guards and threatened to burn the hospital.

The Director said the number of military men could not be determined, except for that they had arrived in three armored cars. She equally reveals that men requested to be granted access to all the emergency units so that they could search them. “The Director took them to the Out Patient department which served as the emergency unit, and where all consultations in the hospital begins. Not satisfied with it, they asked to be taken to the Emergency Units with the inscription on the door, but were calmly told that all cases are brought to the Out-Patient unit for Consultation…” the statement read.

The soldiers thereon proceeded to search the registers, and then the entire hospital according to the statement. “They moved from ward to ward, and from unit to unit,” the Director of the hospital confirmed.

After searching in vain, the soldiers were also said to have threatened the Reverend Sisters at the hospital if they didn’t provide the Ambazonian fighters. They also turned their attention to the two security agents at the gate, whom they brutalized and questioned at gunpoint to reveal to them where Amba fighters were being hidden. The security men are believed to have been left with bruises from the brutalization they had incurred from the military.

Unto the parking area of the hospital, the soldiers also asked everyone at the hospital to identify their motorbikes by starting its engines. They said unidentified machines were going to be burnt. They were then taken to the basement according to the statement, where they searched thoroughly, but without much success.

Dr. Sr. Anshoma Helen Mbuoh says the whole drama lasted for over 2 hours. She also recounted that “some of the military men expressed remorse and indicated that their actions were exaggerated.” Though in the end “some of them continued with their threats to the sister and the hospital. They promised that the next they returned, they will set the whole hospital on fire,” according to her statement.

The Cameroon military has reportedly invaded St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital and Cardiac Center, Shisong severally, in search of English separatist fighters.

Since the start of the Anglophone Crisis, attacks on hospitals by both the military and armed separatists have left medical professionals in Anglophone Cameroon concerned for their lives.


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