Strange Kings Music releases video for Wazih’s ‘I WILL FIND YOU’ – Watch

Strange Kings Music’s new music video for “I WILL FIND YOU ” has us feeling all sorts of emotions!

The industry revealed the music video on Thursday (April 19). It is available on TV, Social Media and on YouTube. The video was directed by in house music video director, Geraldrico Guevara.

The song, a love song, under the SOUL genre expresses the indomitable zeal of the artiste who fights to get to his lover. The cinematic and highly artistic visual takes the viewer through a collection of mental conflicts as well as takes us to a not-so-distant past so as to throw clarity on the present in the artiste’s life in the music video.

Watch the video now;

Based on the lost of a lived one, and the depression that follows, this song expresses deep emotions from love to pain.

Meet Wazih

Wazih is a Cameroonian Singer/Song writer who hails from the North West regions. He debuted with his hit album Right perspective in 2016, an album well critically acclaimed worldwide. He signed to Strange Kings Music, since January 2018, under which he released his first Single “I WILL FIND YOU “

An amazing singer and composer, Wazih is also a guitarist and percussionist, mostly directing all his music and compositions. His style of music is a mixture of Afro, soul and contemporary Jazz. Very dynamic in his approach, he easily sails across genres and brings in that special touch easily traceable back to him.


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