“The greatest terrorist is the state,“ – Honorable Jua

A former SDF MP, Honorable Paulinus Jua has identified the state as the greatest terrorist in Cameroon.

He said freedom fighters are called terrorist but the greatest terrorist in Cameroon is the state, adding that the state’s terrorism is going beyond bounds and is claiming the lives of innocent civilians.

Honorable Jua stated this while addressing members of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multicultutralism, led by its chairman, Peter Mafanyi Musonge, who paid a visit to the North West Region to seek solutions to the Anglophone crisis, last week.

The former parliamenterian outlined some examples of terrorism; “you kill innocent and unarmed civilians, you erase villages from its existence, you sign out decrees that people should move out of their homes and go to areas where they feel save.”

He also explained the way Cameroon soldiers treat innocent civilians, just because the government has called them terrorists, “I cannot go to my village, women have planted their farms and soldiers have cut down their crops, women cannot weed their crops.”

He equally outlined a number of solutions for the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

We are calling on you to give peace a chance. Let’s have an inclusive dialogue. If we cannot do this, we are in for a lot of problems.”

“The military solution is not the answer because u will kill to the last anglophone.
A lot of people are dying on both sides but we don’t have the courage to make the publication.”

If it is impossible to achieve this mission then resign from this commission and u will be making a major contribution for change in the country.”


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