“The mistake the ambazonia movement made was to take up arms” – Kah Walla

The leader of Cameroon Peaople’s Party (CPP) one of the opposition parties in Cameroon that refused to be part of the October 7 poll says the mistake english separatist movements in Cameroon made was to take up arms against the military.

Kah Walla who is the first female to run for presidential elections in Cameroon was talking on Al Jazeera’s the stream. She was part of a panel on a topic ‘Cameroon Election: Who can solve the anglophone crisis.’ During the program she reacted to a tweet which said ‘Biya wasn’t as evil as the Ambazonian fighters’.

“I think we have only gotten to that situation because the Ambazonian movement decided to take up arms,” she said.

“I think it is very important for us to be honest amongst English speaking Cameroonians who support a Unitary State, who acknowledge that their rights are not respected but they want to stay with Cameroon exactly as it is today.

“Our common enemy is Biya and this is the mistake the Ambazonians have made.
A solution will not be gotten as long as Biya is in power. And the fact that Ambazonians decided to take up arms complicated the situation further.”

She didn’t complete her statement, because her video was paused.

After the program some English speaking Cameroonians took to Twitter saying they weren’t happy with what she said.

“Isn’t it interesting how people say they want a leader who is principled, but they turn around and support only those who tell them what they want to hear? Luckily, there are still a few of us who believe principle prevails. Even when it takes a little time,” Kah Walla replied to one of such posts on twitter.

Cameroon decides on Sunday October 7, who will lead them for the next seven years. About 20 percent of the country which is made up of anglophones will not participate in the elections. Some of them are afraid of what might happen if they vote, because they have received threats from separatists, some are not at home and have no plans to travel back to vote; they have fled oppression, meanwhile others think their votes won’t matter; the incumbent will win.

The chairperson of the Electoral body in Cameroon, ELECAM, called on internally displaced persons and refugees to return back home and vote, yesterday in Yaounde.


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