“The president is not well informed; some people are hiding the truth from him” – Cardinal Tumi

Cardinal Tumi has said Cameroon’s President Paul Biya is not aware of the current situation in the anglophone regions. He was speaking on a program on Equinox TV on Sunday evening.

“The president is not well informed, some people are hiding the truth from him, he does not know what is happening,” he echoed.

In an over 30 minutes interview on the TV channel, Cardinal Tumi urged the president of Cameroon to go down to the field and talk to the people, because the truth is not publicised.

“He should go and see for himself and talk to the people.”

Dismissing the idea that most Cameroonians might not want to hear from him anymore, Cardinal Tumi said that was not quite true. He gave an example of Cameroonian refugees, in Nigeria, most of them CPDM supporters who had not given up yet. They did all they could to watch his traditional end of year speech, miles away from home. “Cameroonian refugees trekked for about an hour to watch the president’s speech and they were disappointed that he didn’t make mention of them,” Cardinal Tumi said.

He raised this point as one of the reasons why up till now the anglophone crisis has been gathering momentum.

Another reason why the crisis has taken a different dimension according to the Cardinal is; some military officials are making money out of the crisis.

“Some high-ranking people in the army are using the occasion to enrich themselves, the government is spending for these operations.”

He gave an example of the killings of 20 Cameroonians in Bakassi, according to him it was orchestrated by the Cameroonian army, because they received millions of francs which was not accounted for. So, they made it look like a crisis was still ongoing to find reason to remain in Bakassi.

To him the only way the crisis can be solved is returning to a federal state as it was in 1961.


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