“The time has come for us to clean the slates and come back together as one people.” PM Joseph Dion Ngute tells population of North West Region

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute has urged the population of the North West Region to embrace peace and enable things to return to normal.

Minister Joseph Dion Ngute is in the North West Region with the same mission as was his visit to the South West Region two weeks ago. He is in Bamenda to preach in favour of the resolutions adopted during the 2019 Major National Dialogue as a solution to the Anglophone crises.

“President Paul Biya sent me here two years ago to come and announce the organization of the Major National Dialogue, two years later, he has sent me again to come to reassure you that all that was promised to be done have been accomplished,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister, the concerns that had been raised by the lawyers, the teachers, and politicians have all been addressed by the President. “Not everyone is indeed aware of those solutions, that is why he sent me here to come and tell you,” he mentioned.

Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute in his address to the population of the North West Region urged separatists to drop their weapons – to him, they have no other reasons not to. 

“We have no reason to remain in the bushes to fight, we have no reasons to burry our children anymore, we have no reasons to keep burying our military brothers and sisters brought here to protect us, we do not need to make life extremely difficult for ourselves,” he said.

“The the time has come for us to clean the slates and come back together as one people,” he added. 

The Prime Minister is expected to meet with stakeholders of the Boyo Division tomorrow, and meet with other heads of other Divisions 

on the third day of his visit. He will also meet with representatives of the Drivers syndicate, trade unions, economic operators, and youth groups.


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