“The younger generation are more prepared for Office than we were” – John Mahama

The Former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama has said the younger generation in Africa are more prepared for office than the older were.

Mr. Mahama was one of the August guests who delivered a speech during the 5th Annual Commonwealth Africa Summit, after his speech during the event, he has been sharing his views about the role of the African youth on leadership on his twitter handler.

He went ahead to say he was in support of his country Ghana reducing the age limit for the presidency, from 40.

In other African countries such as Cameroon and Nigeria the age limit is 35. But then not many youths have been vying for the post or have become popular when they say they are interested to become president.

Some tweets below explain this;

According to Kenneth youths do not have the financial backing.

Emmanuel wonders how prepared and ready the youths of Africa are.

Brytt says Mr. Mahama shares the same thoughts with Mo Ibrahim

The Chairman for Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Mohammed Mo Ibrahim early this March criticized African youths for allowing old men to become presidents.

According to him, countries that are doing better than African countries back young presidential candidates.

The African continent is a continent of young people where many of them are in their 20s yet the average age of our Presidents is about 63-64 years old.


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