Thousands of Cameroonian Students Amongst other Africans Stuck in war-torn Ukraine: reports

Reports say many Africans are languishing at the Ukrainian-Polish border with no way out of the war-hit nation following Russia’s Invasion.

Among them are thousands of Cameroonian students who have been prevented from crossing into Poland by the border patrol. They claim “priority is given only to white Ukrainians.”

Footage of some Cameroonians taking refuge in military bunkers in Ukraine has also made rounds on social media.

Appeals have been sent by these students to the Government to help get them out of Ukraine. They say it will be, “…a disaster for Cameroon if its citizens are not evacuated.”

Some of these students who have tried hopping into trains taking people to Poland have most often been ejected. Video footage has also shown many other Africans being threatened at gunpoint if they insisted on crossing the border.

Faced with these, some African governments have started taking action to evacuate their citizens from Ukraine. Days ago, Nigeria and Ghana announced plans to secure their citizens trapped in the war-hit nation.


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