Togo: President Gnassingbé declares intention to seek another term

Togo’s President Faure Gnassingbé is set to run for another term after accepting the ruling UNIR party’s request to stand in the February 22 polls.

President Gnassingbé disclosed on Tuesday that the ruling party’s executive members told him to run for the election and he accepted.

The 53 year was voted into power in a disputed election in 2005, as he took over from his late father Gnassingbé Eyadéma, who had been president for 38 years.
His father Gnassingbe Eyadema seized power in a 1967 coup.

Lawmakers in the West African nation last year approved reforms limiting a president to two terms in office.

But the law did not take into account Mr Gnassingbé’s first three terms allowing him to potentially stay in power until 2030.

The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, January 8, at midnight. If most of the opposition had decided to boycott the 2018 legislative elections, it is the contrary for the top job in the country as a handful of candidates have deposited already their applications.

A powerful opposition dubbed the C14 coalition, which had gathered a huge number of followers and leading opposition parties such as Jean-Pierre Fabre’s National Alliance for Change (ANC), Tikpi Atchadam’s National Pan-African Party (PNP) – broke out.

Out of those challenging President Gnassingbé, Jean-Pierre Fabre, leader of the ANC is outstanding. He has for a while opposed the incumbent’s intentions of extending his stay in power.


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